These are some of the important tips which students must keep in mind while evaluating functions and graphs, practicing it more will give an important grip resulting in a good increase in pace

  1. For evaluating a function f(x) for a specific value of x, substitute that value everywhere you see an x.
  2. For a number of function, you can even solve it by plugging the given values into the function.
  3. When you approach a function, make sure you have learned the graph use in the function to find the value of f(x) or y for the given values of x. Vice versa, you must know how to use the graph functions to find the correct x or f(y) values for the given value of y.
  4. If you are asked to identify the graph of an equation or to determine the equation of a graph, don’t panic and simply use these formulas.

    For linear graphs:  y=mx+b

    For parabolas:    y=x2

  5. If you are required to solve SAT functions with special symbols, take some time and see how the equation is defined. Based on that, plug the values into the functions.