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MCAT-Medical College Admission Test


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MCAT is the foremost step for all the students who have successfully passed their pre-medical intermediate. All those students who have passed through this stage with good scores can apply for MCAT in order to continue their medical field in future. MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test. It is designed for the students as a standard to select the candidates for medical and dental universities across Pakistan.  The entry test is conducted to check the aptitude of candidates in both writing skills and way of thinking for solving any kind of problem. This test is also taken to check the basic concepts of students which they have learned in their matriculation and intermediate.

The subjects included in MCAT are:

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All those students who want to get admission in top medical college or universities must pass this test to make sure their entrance in the medical institute. MCAT is organized by the provincial government in both public and private sectors for getting admissions in institutes. The entry test is organized before the admission starts in medical colleges and universities.

MCAT is arranged under the command of Ministry of Health for taking the admission in medical and dental colleges of Islamabad. According to Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, the results of this test must be submitted to PMDC before 31st of October.

Furthermore, the testing process is conducted right after the intermediate examination so the results can be announced before the opening of admissions in medical institutes. As the results need to be attached with documents of application for the medical colleges’ admission of candidates based on the results of MCAT.

Note: Students who have achieved good marks in their intermediate examination must attain good marks in MCAT or else the candidate might lose the chance of getting admission in a medical institute.