GRE-Graduate Record Examinations

GRE is the test for graduate and Business School. As getting an advanced degree can create a number of opportunities. Education is the brightest light you can approach. Not only for yourself but as a Nation you grow thus increasing higher earnings and lower unemployment rates.
If you are planning to go to graduate school or business school or just simply exploring options, you are taking a significant step towards your future. Therefore, a smart move to show schools your best is to apply in GRE General Test.
The GRE General Test will effectively help you on your exam day. With the help of GRE General Test, you can decide which scores to send to schools. In case, your test is not satisfactory, you can even retake the test and send only those scores that you want schools to see. In addition to that, GRE General Test is the only admission test for graduate or business schools that permits you to skip questions within a given section or go back and change the answers. Also, you have control to handle the questions within a section that you want to answer first. The questions that appear in GRE General Test reflects your thinking and abilities you will do in graduate or business school.
Following are the three main sections of GRE General Test.

  1. Verbal Reasoning:
    Verbal reasoning will measure your ability to analyze and evaluate written material. It will examine your competence of synthesizing information, analyzing relationships among the component parts of sentences and also recognition of relationships among words and concepts.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning:
    The Quantitative reasoning will measure your problem-solving ability by using basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.
  3. Analytical Writing:
    The analytical writing will measure your critical thinking and logical writing skills. It will precisely examine your ability to articulate and support complex ideas evidently and effectually.