ECAT-Engineering College Aptitude Test

The system of engineering entrance tests is prominent in Government and Private universities of Pakistan. It is considered as one of the best test system of Pakistan. ECAT stands for Engineering College Admission Test. The test is set for the students who want to get admission in the engineering institutions just like MCAT that is conducted for the pre-medical students. The test is taken every year across the Pakistan for admission in the top universities. ECAT is regarded as one of the best testing center in Pakistan which gives great convenience to the students to get enrolled within the universities and colleges. All the students who want to get admission in engineering universities must qualify the test with maximum passing percentage. University of Engineering and Technology is one of the renowned institution that carry out the ECAT test for the students. Moreover, the method of conducting ECAT is different for all the universities and it is mostly decided by the university management. Though the test is organized under the administration of the Government sector but still it is open for both government and private based institutions.  The maximum number of the universities are conducting ECAT test for the students so they can move ahead in future in the field of engineering. The test is taken for the prominent and reputed engineering universities across Pakistan. One of the most significant aspect of the test is that it provides a second chance to students who want to improve their performance if they didn’t get impressive results at intermediate level. The weightage for ECAT is maximum in comparison to intermediate grades which gives the students a fanatic chance to perform well and get admission in the top engineering universities of Pakistan.

The main subjects included in the test are following:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. English
  4. Mathematics