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The ACT is an International and National college admission test taken by above one million students around the globe. The ACT test started in 1959 with the aim to evaluate a student’s competence and help them to get admission in leading educational institutes. Individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds can take the test. Also, you can take the test more than once and can select the scores that you want to send to colleges where you apply for admission.
The ACT test comprises of four major subject tests including

  1. English,
  2. Mathematics,
  3. Reading, and
  4. Science.
  5. One optional 30-minute writing test is also included

Moreover, the test has total 215 questions that take three and a half hours to complete or four hours in case you are taking the optional writing section. Besides this, the test is conducted six times a year i.e. September (in specific regions), October, December, February, April, and June.
In ACT, each subject is graded individually. It is based on the total number of correct answers a student score without any penalty for wrong answers. Hence guessing is highly encouraged as it won’t affect your achieved score. Furthermore, the total number of correct answers of a student are compared to all other students who took the test and then converted to a scaled score from 1-36. The scaling is done to ensure the same percentage of people on each test receive the same score thus maintaining consistency between ACT tests. Overall, the ACT composite score is an average of the scores of all the four sections.
The ACT is regarded as a standardized test to get admission into educational institutes. Many universities accept ACT test across worldwide. The test is curriculum based. Therefore, you have a set of content to study directly and achieve good scores. Moreover, the test is important as it lets students qualify for particular scholarships or programs.

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