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Verbal Reasoning


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Definition of Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is an ability and an skill to articulate, comprehend and reason using concepts expressed through words.

A verbal reasoning test is a form of test used extensively by examiners or interviewers assess verbal logic comprehension skills of a candidate, and his ability to extract and present correct meaning from some complex written piece of information. Generally a small passage has been given to the candidate and one or more questions comprised of a short statement presented in a different form, given with multiple options like True, False or Don’t Know where one out of these three options is a correct answer.

Verbal reasoning will measure ability to analyze and evaluate written material. It will examine your competence of synthesizing information, analyzing relationships among the component parts of sentences and also recognition of relationships among words and concepts.

Format of Questions:

In a verbal reasoning test, usually the question is asked to select one of the following three possible answers:

  • True. The statement follows logically from the information or opinions contained in the passage.
  • False. The statement is logically false from the information or opinions contained in the passage.
  • Cannot Say. Cannot determine whether the statement is true or false without further information

Over the time these tests have become a popular tool for assessment of logical comprehension,attitude and aptitude because there is a wider usability of these concepts in the day to day life and proficiency in these aspects give an edge while solving problems either simple or complex.

There is a global acceptance of the fact that communication skills are equally important for most of the professional or technical roles.Which paved the way of incorporating tests  in determination of aptitude for admission into an education program but also in the recruitment and interview process of most industries at one stage or another. You can definitely expect them in application process for graduate jobs in consulting, investment banks and management.

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