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Usman Institute Of Technology


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Usman Institute of Technology

After over 20 years of building a solid foundation of high quality engineering and computer science education and research, both at the undergraduate and master’s levels, Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) is embarking on a journey to reach the next level of excellence. It aims to not just produce high class engineers and computer scientists but professionals and change agents. These agents of change other than being better human beings and better citizens of our beloved country, would be ready to tackle the problems that beset our country with leadership, ingenuity and the highest level of moral and ethical values.

In its path to excellence UIT graduates will now get locally and internationally respected NED University’s degrees in a private, centrally located, serene, apolitical and highly enriching educational environment. Providing students excellent opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills and then go out and serve the nation with dedication and high level of professional excellence. Highly congenial environment provides ample opportunities to establish lifelong bonds of friendships. Ample opportunities exist to not only develop technical knowledge and skills but also leadership, critical thinking, innovation, inter-personnel, communication and entrepreneurship skills.

The world of today is characterized with rapid changes in technology, information overload and degradation of moral and ethical values. UIT graduates are able to succeed in this environment as they have the “Learn to Learn” ability, to cope with new technologies that will come their way after graduation; ability to critically analyze large amounts of data to come up with innovative solutions and then be able to make rapid decisions as to which solution to use. While doing this they will continue to uphold meritocracy, integrity, transparency and moral values in the face of degradation all around.


BEElectronic EngineeringMorning4 years
BEComputer System EngineeringMorning4 years
BETelecommunication EngineeringMorning4 years
 BEPower EngineeringMorning4 years
 BSComputer ScienceMorning4 years


 MEIndustrial Controls & AutomationEvening1½  years
 MECommunication and Signal ProcessingEvening1½  years
 METelecommunication EngineeringEvening1½ years
 MEComputer System EngineeringEvening1½ years
   MCSComputer ScienceEvening1½ years
MSElectronic EngineeringEvening1½ years
 MSComputer Networks & CommunicationsEvening1½ years
 MSMobile Computing & Information SystemsEvening1½ years

Contact Details

WEBSITE: E-mail: [email protected]
Affiliation: Hamdard University
Address: ST-13, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Abul Hasan Isphahani Road, Opposite Safari Park, P.O. Box 75300, Karachi, Pakistan.
Landlines: (021) 34978274-5 ; (021) 34994305 ; (021) 34982476
Fax: (021) 34976181

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