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NED University of Engineering & Technology


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NED University of Engineering & Technology

The NED University of Engineering & Technology, was established in March 1977 under an act of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh after upgrading of the former NED Government Engineering College, which was set up in 1922. The NED University is thus one of the oldest institution in Pakistan for teaching and producing Engineering graduates. Prior to this, the D.J.Sindh College , used to run classes to train subordinates for the Sindh P.W.D., the Municipalities and Local Boards.

On August 29, 1921 College Principal C.S Shahani made a concerted effort to get Engineering Degree classes started to meet demands of Civil Engineers on the project for completion of the Sukkur Barrage. Application to this effect was made to the University of Bombay through the Commissioner of Sindh, who was ex-officio president of Sindh Collegiate Association (a registered society of subscribers for providing higher education in Sindh). The Bombay University however rejected the application on the grounds of insufficient finance and insisted on entirely separate buildings, laboratories for the engineering college as a separate institution. After collection of donations from the Puribai and Becharbai Trust, Vishandas Fatehchand Brothers and one huge donation (for that time) of Rs.150,000 from Mr. Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw, the new college buildings and laboratories were constructed on separate land. The new college was originally the Prince of Wales Engineering College but later renamed in memory of Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw. The NED College was provisionally granted affiliation on 23-05-1923 by the University of Bombay for the first and second year courses in Civil Engineering and 78 students were provisionally admitted into first year classes in 1922. Permanent affiliation followed in February 1927.

The first-full time Principal of NED Engineering College was Mr. G.N.Gokhale who joined on 1st July 1923. Prior to this, Rai Sahib Bhupatrai had acted as Honorary Principal. The first professor (and Vice Principal) was Mr. S.B. Jannarkar who, along with Mr. Gokhale, did all the spadework in organizing and equipping the various departments and ordering the equipment for the Power House, Boiler Room, Hydraulics Laboratory, Engine Room and Machine Shops.

On the 1st of March, 1977 the NED Government Engineering College became the NED University of Engineering and Technology. From an enrolment of 50 students in 1923, the student population, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, has now gone up to nearly 7000. The faculty of Bio-Medical Engineering is located at NED LEJ Campus for which the land and building – estimated value Rs. 350 million – was donated by (Late) Latif Ebrahim Jamal, a well known philanthropist.

The first Vice Chancellor of the University was Mr. A. M. Akhoond who was succeeded in sequential order by Prof. Dr. A. T. Khan, Prof. Dr. Jameel Ahmed Khan, Prof. Dr. M. Munir Hasan, Prof. Dr. A. Q. Qazi and Engr. Abul Kalam. Prof. Dr. M. Afzal Haque is the present Vice Chancellor.


ProgramsCredit HourDay/eveDuration
BECivil Engineering147 CHDay4 years
BEUrban Engineering157 CHDay4 years
BEpetroleum Engineering152 CHDay4 years
BEConstruction Engineering158 CHDay4 years
BEMechanical Engineering157 CHDay4 years
BETextile Engineering156 CHDay4 years
BEIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering145 CHDay4 years
BEAutomotive Engineering154 CHDay4 years
BEElectrical Engineering155 CHDay4 years
BEComputer & Information Systems Engineering156 CHDay4 years
BEElectronic Engineering155 CHDay4 years
BETelecommunications Engineering157 CHDay4 years
BEMaterials Engineering154 CHDay4 years
BEChemical Engineering161 CHDay4 years
BEMetallurgical Engineering160 CHDay4 years
BEPolymer & Petrochemical Engineering155 CHDay4 years
BESoftware Engineering159 CHDay4 years
BEMedical Engineering187 CHDay5 years
BEBio-Engineering186 CHDay5 years
BEFood Engineering193 CHDay5 years
BEComputer Science & Information Technology156 CHDay4 years
B.ArchArchitecture & Planning Engineering180 CHDay5 years


MECivil EngineeringEve2.5 years
MECivil Engineering (Structural Engg)Day1.5 years
MEMCivil EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMUrban & infrastructure EngineeringEve2.5 years
M.ArchArchitecture & Planning EngineeringEve2.5 years
MURPArchitecture & Planning EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEEnvironmental EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEEnvironmental EngineeringDay1.5 years
MEMEnvironmental EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMEnvironmental EngineeringDay1.5 years
MEEarthquake EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMEarthquake EngineeringDay1.5 years
MEMechanical EngineeringEve2.5 years
METextile EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMTextile EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEIndustrial & Manufacturing EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMIndustrial & Manufacturing EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMAutomotive & Marine EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEElectrical EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMElectrical EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEComputer & Information Systems EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEElectronics EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEBio-medical EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMBio-medical EngineeringDay1.5 years
MEChemical EngineeringEve2.5 years
MEMaterial EngineeringEve2.5 years
MCITComputer Science & Information TechnologyEve2.5 years
MSApplied MathematicsEve2.5 years

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Email: [email protected]
HEC Rating: Level 9
Address: NED University of Engineering & Technology, University Road, Karachi – 75270, Pakistan
Landline: (92-21) 99261261-8
Fax: (92-21) 99261255
Admission-Test : October

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