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Bahria University
Bahria University is one of the leading public sector universities of Pakistan, which is dedicated to meet many complex challenges facing us today. The university has campuses, research institutes and colleges all over Pakistan which work towards grooming today’s youth into becoming tomorrow’s leaders. We provide a platform for promising minds to come together, pioneer new thought and serve the world around them. And for this we provide the right mix of faculty, resources, environments and technology so that both learners and teachers are inspired to create, to explore, to discover, to challenge and to lead.

At Bahria it is our vision to make our university the best educational institute in the country. Our strategy to achieve this vision is to ensure that theory and practice go hand in hand. We would like to open all the doors for promoting the research potential of the students, which will enable them to use their academic knowledge for practical projects. To this end we have built bridges between the University and the corporate sector, opening the way for research, and making students apply their academic skills to practical projects.

And we aim for all this to take place in a university environment that is safe and friendly, and at the same time disciplined, as envisaged by the Quaid e Azam. Because we feel that along with studies it is equally important to develop the good old values of character, decency, honesty and consideration for one another.


Undergraduate Programs

ProgramsCampusCredit HoursDuration
BSComputer ScienceKarachi139 CH4 years
BSComputer ScienceIslamabad137 CH4 years
BSESoftware EngineeringIslamabad/Karachi139 CH4 years
BCEComputer EngineeringIslamabad/Karachi139 CH4 years
BSElectrical Engineering (EN, TN)Karachi137 CH4 years
BSElectrical Engineering (EN, TN)Islamabad139 CH4 years
BSElectronic & Telecom ManagementIslamabad142 CH4 years
BSGeophysicsKarachi134 CH4 years
BBABusiness Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS)Karachi138 CH4 years
BBABusiness Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS)Islamabad138 CH4 years
BSGeologyIslamabad138 CH4 years
BSGeophysicsIslamabad138 CH4 years
BSSMedia SciencesIslamabad/Karachi161-173 CH4 years
LLBLegal StudiesIslamabad164 CH3 years
BSEnvironmental SciencesIslamabad134 CH4 years
BSPsychologyIPP, Karachi132 CH4 years

Graduate Programs

ProgramsCampusCredit HoursDuration
MBAMaster in Business Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS)Islamabad/Karachi36 CH1.5 years
MBAMaster in Business Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS)Islamabad/Karachi72 CH2.5 years
MBAMaster in Business Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS)Islamabad/Karachi96 CH3.5 years
MBA (Weekend)Master in Business Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS)Karachi96 CH3.0 years
MBAMaster in Business Administration (PBM)Karachi90 CH3.0 years
MBA (weekend)Master in Business Administration (HRM, MKT, FIN, MIS, PBM)Islamabad/Karachi72 CH2.5 years
MSMaster in Environmental SciencesKarachi36 CH2 years
MSMaster in Environmental Policy & ManagementIslamabad36 CH1.5 years
MSMaster in geology/geophysicsIslamabad/Karachi36 CH2 years
MS (SE)Master in Software EngineeringIslamabad/Karachi33 CH2 years
MS (T & N)Master in Telecom & NetworkIslamabad/Karachi33 CH2 years
MSMaster in Electrical EngineeringIslamabad30 CH2 years
M.ScProfessional Psychology Organizational GroupIPP, Karachi31 CH2 years
M.ScProfessional Psychology Clinical GroupIPP, Karachi63 CH2 years
M.ScProfessional Psychology Educational GroupIPP, Karachi62 CH2 years

Postgraduate Programs

ProgramsCampusCredit HoursDuration
P.MdProfessional Psychology(Clinical Group)IPP, Karachi36 CH1 year
P.MdProfessional Psychology(Organizational Group)IPP, Karachi36 CH1 year
P.MdProfessional Psychology(Educational Group)IPP, Karachi36 CH1 year
M.PhilClinical PsychologyIPP, Karachi48 CH2 years
M.PhilOrganizational PsychologyIPP, Karachi48 CH2 years
M.PhilEducational PsychologyIPP, Karachi48 CH2 years
M.PhilSocial-Cultural AnthropologyIslamabad30 CH2 years
PhDClinical PsychologyIPP, Karachi75 CH3 years
PhDEducational PsychologyIPP, Karachi75 CH3 years
PhDOrganizational PsychologyIPP, Karachi75 CH3 years
PhDComputer.Sc, Software Eng, Computer Eng & Electrical EngIslamabad54 CH3-6 years
PhDEnvironmental SciencesKarachi30 CH2 years

Contact Details

Website: E-mail: [email protected]
HEC: Level 9

Islamabad Campus

Website: E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Shangrilla Road, Sector E-8, Islamabad – Pakistan
Land-line: 0092-51-9260002
Fax: 0092-51-9260885

Karachi Campus

Website: E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 13-National Stadium Road, Karachi – Pakistan
Land-line:   +92-21-99240002-6
Fax: +92-21-99240351


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