COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT)


COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT)

The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) is an international organization. It aims to reduce the ever-growing gap between the developed and developing world through useful applications of science and technology. The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) initiated the proposal for the formation of COMSATS under the leadership of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam.

The conference decided that the Headquarters / Secretariat of the Commission would be based permanently at Islamabad, Pakistan, and the Head of State of Pakistan would act as the first Chairperson of the forum. It was agreed that the host -Government, Pakistan, would provide for the operational and administrative expenses of the Secretariat, while the development programs of the Commission would be supported and financed through Technical Assistance Fund. This fund would be established by contribution from member countries, income from services provided to member countries, grants from international agencies and project funds, if under taken under contract.

The CIIT was established in 1998, as a project of the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS), which is an inter-governmental organization with 21 member states in three continents; Asia, Africa and Latin America, namely Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea (DPRK), Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Currently, CIIT has the status of a public sector degree awarding higher education institution, and was given charter by the Federal Government in August 2000.


Degree Programs Campus
B.Arch Architecture Islamabad
B.Des Design Islamabad
BS(CS) Computer Science Islamabad
BS(Tele) TeleCommunicataion Islamabad
BS(SE) Software Engineering Islamabad
BS(BA) Business Administration Islamabad
BS(EC) Economics Islamabad
BBS Business Studies Islamabad
BS(Elec) Electronics Islamabad
BS(Phy) Physics Islamabad
BS(BI) Bioinformatics Islamabad
BS(BS) Biosciences Islamabad
BS(ECE) Electrical(Computer)Engineering Islamabad
BS(ETE) Electrical(TeleCommunication)Engineering Islamabad
BS(Math) Mathematics Islamabad
BS(CS) Computer Science Abbottabad
BS(CE) Computer Engineering Abbottabad
BS(EE) Electronic Engineering Abbottabad
BS(ES) Environmental Sciences Abbottabad
BS(BA) Business Administration Abbottabad
BS(TN) Telecommunication & Networking Abbottabad
BS(EPE) Electrical Power Engineering Abbottabad
BS(ECO) Economics Abbottabad
BS(ES) Earth Sciences Abbottabad
Pharm-D Doctor of Pharmacy Abbottabad
BS(DS) Doctor of Pharmacy Abbottabad
BS(Civil) Civil Engineering Abbottabad
BS(SE) Software Engineering Abbottabad
BS(BioTech) Bio Technology Abbottabad
BS(Acc & Fin) Accounting and Finance Abbottabad
B.Arch Architecture Lahore
B.FA Fine Arts Lahore
B.Des Design Lahore
BS(ECO) Economics Lahore
BS(Psy) Psychology Lahore
BS(Phy) Physics Lahore
BBS Business Studies Lahore
BS(CS)DDP Computer Science Lahore
BS(SE)DDP Software Engineering Lahore
BS(BA)DDP Business Administration Lahore
BS(Elec)DDP Electronics Engineering Lahore
BS(TE)DDP Telecommunication Lahore
BS(CE)DDP Computer Engineering Lahore
BS(ChE)DDP Chemical Engineering Lahore
BS(EE) Electrical Engineering Wah Cantt.
BS(Civil) Civil Engineering Wah Cantt.
BS(CS) Computer Science Wah Cantt.
BS(SE) Software Engineering Wah Cantt.
BS(TN) Telecommunication and Networking Wah Cantt.
BS(BA) Business Administration Wah Cantt.
BS(BS) Business Studies Wah Cantt.
BS(CS) Computer Science Attock
BS(TN) Telecommunications and Networks Attock.
BS(SE) Software Engineering Attock.
BS(EE) Electronic Engineering Attock.
BS(BA) Business Administration Attock.
BS(TN) Telecommunication and Network Sahiwal.
BS(CS) Computer Science Sahiwal.
BS(BS) Business Studies Sahiwal.
BBS Business Studies Sahiwal.
BS(Com) Commerce Sahiwal.
BS(BI) Bio Infomatics Sahiwal.
BS(BS) Bio Sciences Sahiwal.
BS(ME) Mechanical Engineering Sahiwal.
BS(CS) Computer Science Vehari.
BS(TN) Telecommunication & Networking Vehari.
BS(BA) Business Administration Vehari.
BS(Com) Commerce Vehari.
BS(CS) Computer Science Virtual.
BS(BA) Business Administration Virtual.
BS(BA) Software Engineering Virtual.
BBS Business Studies Virtual.


Degree Programs Campus
MBA Business Administration Islamabad
MS(CS) Computer Science Islamabad
MS(SE) Software Engineering Islamabad
MS(EM) Energy Management Islamabad
MS(PM) Project Management Islamabad
MBA Business Administration Islamabad
Executive MBA Business Administration Islamabad
MS(Phy) Physics Islamabad
MS(BD) Developmental Biology Islamabad
MS(MI) Microbiology and Immunology Islamabad
MS(MB) Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Islamabad
MS(MG) Molecular Genetics Islamabad
MS(PS) Plant Sciences Islamabad
MS(Math) Mathematics Islamabad
MS(Met) Meteorology Islamabad
MS(RS/GIS) Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System Islamabad
MS Health Informatics Islamabad
MS Electrical Engineering Islamabad
MS Management Sciences Islamabad
MS Banking and Finance Islamabad
MS Nanosciences & Nanotechnology Islamabad
MS Biosciences Islamabad
MS Bioinformatics Islamabad
MBA Business Administration Islamabad
MBA Business Administration Abbottabad
MS (CS) Computer Science Abbottabad
MS Computer Engineering Abbottabad
MS Electrical Engineering Abbottabad
MS Chemical Engineering Abbottabad
MS Management Sciences Abbottabad
MS Project Management Abbottabad
MS Banking and Finance Abbottabad
MS Mathematics Abbottabad
MS Development Studies Abbottabad
Masters Development Studies Abbottabad
MS Development Studies Abbottabad
MS Sustainable Water Sanitation Health and Development Abbottabad
MS Environmental Sciences Abbottabad
MS Pharmacy Abbottabad
MS Chemistry Abbottabad
MS Biotechnology Abbottabad
MBA Business Administration Lahore
MS Computer Science Lahore
MS Electrical Engineering Lahore
MS Chemical Engineering Lahore
MS Management Sciences Lahore
MS Project Management Lahore
MS Mathematics Lahore
MS Pysics Lahore
MS Statistics Lahore
MS Chemical Engineering Lahore
MBA Business Administration Wah Cantt.
Masters Computer Science Wah Cantt.
Masters Public Administration Wah Cantt.
MS Computer Science Wah Cantt.
MS Electrical Engineering Wah Cantt.
MS Management Sciences Wah Cantt.
MS Banking and Finance Wah Cantt.
MS Mathematics Wah Cantt.
MBA Business Administration Attock.
Masters Computer Science Attock.
Masters Mathematics Attock.
Masters Public Administration Attock.
MS Computer Science Attock.
MS Electrical Engineering Attock.
MS Management Sciences Attock.
MS Mathematics Attock.
MBA Business Administration Sahiwal.
Masters Computer Science Sahiwal.
Masters Mathematics Sahiwal.
MS Computer Sciences Sahiwal.
MS Biosciences Sahiwal.
MBA Business Administration Vehari.
Masters Computer Science Vehari.
Masters English Vehari.
Masters Economics Vehari.
MS Banking and Finance Virtual.
MBA Busniess Administration Virtual.
MS Project Management Virtual.

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Islamabad Campus

Address: Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad
Landline: (051) 9247000-3, 9049802
Fax: (051) 9247006

Abbottabad Campus

Address: University Road, Abbottabad
Landline: (0992) 383591-6
Fax: (0992) 383441

Wah Campus

Address: Quaid Avenue, The Mall, Wah Cantt
Landline: (051) 9272614 -5
Fax: (051) 4546850

Lahore Campus

Address: Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore
Landline: (042) 9203101, 5321090
Fax: (042) 9203100

Attock Campus

Address: Kamra Road, Attock
Landline: (057) 9316330
Fax: (057) 9316329

Sahiwal Campus

Address: COMSATS Road, Off G.T. Road Sahiwal
Landline: (040) 9200100, 4305001-5, 4016302

Vehari Campus

Address: Mailsi Road, Off Multan Road, Vehari
Landline: (067) 3001606

Virtual Campus

Address: Virtual Campus 402, Street 34, I-8/2, Islamabad
Landline: 051-9101237-9
Fax: 051-9258489