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Institute of Business Administration

For the Institute of Business Administration, 2016 marks both the end of one era and the start of another. After completing a successful inning spanning over eight years, Dr. Ishrat handed over the baton of lBA’s leadership to the next Dean and Director. To date, the IBA has been led by ten visionary individuals, and each has made his own significant contribution to the development of the Institute. Their contribution in making IBA the institution that it is today can never be discounted. But history will record Dr. Ishrat Husain’s outstanding performance as a pivotal moment, one that carried the institution firmly but surely into the 21st century. The IBA today sets a standard that other institutions emulate, and serves as a beacon of hope and success for students across the nation.

The Institute has gone through major changes over these six decades in order to embrace a wider set of disciplines in its curricula. These changes have been made in order to respond to the requirements of the society, the market and the economy. They are also an outcome of associations forged with credible institutions both local and international, and various stakeholders’ most prominent being the IBA Alumni.

During the last eight years, the institute has witnessed massive developments in all areas ranging from infrastructure, accreditations, increase in programs, faculty and students to linkages; thus changing IBA’s physical and academic landscape. Prominent among Dr. Ishrat’s contributions is overseeing the inception and development of Centres of Excellence such as: Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ), Centre for Business and Economics Research (CBER), Centre for Executive Education, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) and the Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing. The establishment of Centres of Excellence fulfills a crucial need by servicing both professional communities outside the institution and student, faculty, and staff within. They complement the mission of the institution and serve as crucial avenues through which the IBA gives back to the society.


Undergraduate Programs

Programs Credit Hours Duration
BBA Business Administration 144 CH 4 years
BBA Entrepreneurship 6 CH 2 Semesters
BS CS/IT/ SE 137 CH 4 years
BS Economics and Mathematics 150 CH 4 years
BS Accounting and Finance 130 CH 4 years
BS Accounting 130 CH 4 years
BS Finance 130 CH 4 years
BS Social Sciences & Liberal Arts 144 CH 4 years

Graduate Programs

Programs Credit Hours Duration
MS Leading PhD Mathematics 30 CH 4 – 6 years(Max. possible is 8 years)
MBA Morning For BBA Background 66 CH 18 months
MBA Morning For Non-BBA Background 72 CH 24 months
MBA Evening For BBA Background 66 CH 24 months
MBA Morning For Non-BBA Background 72 CH 30 months
EMBA Executive MBA 72 CH 2 years
MS Computer Science 30 CH 1 year
MS Economics For BS in Economics & Mathematics 30 CH 2-2.5 years
MS Economics For BBA/BS/BSc, Masters or equivalent degree 45 CH 2-2.5 years
MS Leading PhD Economics 39-54 CH 4 – 6 years(Max. possible is 8 years)

Post Graduate Programs

Programs Credit Hours Duration
PhD Computer Science 36 CH 3 to 6 years
PhD Economics 67 CH 4-5 years (maximum 8 years)

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