How to improve note taking skills?


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Note taking as skill

Note taking is a serious skill to be learned by students as it is a most common activity which students perform while studying in class, in a group of friend or even self-study. It is that important activity which impact badly if notes are not taken seriously and carefully and students has to regret later.

In this article we will discuss few tips and tricks which can be used effectively to enhance the note taking experience and learn the skills associated.

  • If teacher or instructor writes something on the white board or repeats an idea with even a slight emphasis then it is usually a key point and  should be noted immediately.
  • Use 3 ring binders for arranging, classifying  and keeping the notes in easy to access manner, it enables more flexibility in rearranging notes later.
  • Always make sure you sit at a place where your focus or concentration in difficult to get distracted. Also try to sit at a well-lit place where you can hear your instructor clearly and easily.
  • You can use other notes for only reference and cross checking purpose, but relying on it is not a good idea, because everyone has his unique style of taking notes and writing according to their individual understanding so it’s always advised to take your own notes.Note taking 1
  • If your instructor talks fast then bringing an audio recorder to record the lecture while taking notes may also help. After the lecture you can get back to the recordeing and fill the gaps that created while taking notes.
  • Do reading assignments or homework questions before class, it is easier to take notes when you know what the instructor is talking about.
  • Date your notes. Add titles and subtitles of the subject clearly when you move onto a new topic for easy referencing.
  • Write down any terminology along with the definition that the instructor may present.
  • Always write in a way that you can read and understand later, if you can’t read them after then the whole effort will go wasted.
  • If you missed what the instructor said, ask them to repeat it or go to the instructor after class and ask for clarification. If you are in a rush, ask the instructor at the beginning of the next class or try to find the answer from a friend or the text.
  • Compare notes with a classmate to make sure you didn’t miss any important points.

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