Differences between Equations and Expressions


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Equations and Expressions Overview

Although equations and expressions have some difference but still they are closely related to each other. The main difference between equations and equations is an equals sign means An equation consists of two expressions connected by an equals sign.  It can only be true or false. An expression is never true or false,  but just has a numerical value.

  • An “equation” has a left side, a right side and an equals sign separating the sides. An equation is a mathematical “sentence” that says that two things are equal; for example
    x – 5 = 2

    This is an EQUATION, because it has a left side, a right side, and an = sign separating the two. It states that if you subtract x by 5, you will get 2.

  • An “expression” in contrary to equation has no equal sign, left side or right side. An expression is a mathematical “phrase” that stands for a single number; for example,
    x + 7

    This is an EXPRESSION, because there are no “sides” and no = sign. It simply states that value of x is added with 7 whatever value the variable x might have. An expression can also be a
    single number or variable, since those have a numerical value.



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