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Differences between Equations and Expressions

Equations and Expressions Overview Although equations and expressions have some difference but still they are closely related to each other. The main difference between equations and equations is an equals sign means An equation consists of two expressions connected by an equals sign. ┬áIt can only be true or false. An expression is never true […]

Problem Solving

About Problem Solving Questions Problem Solving questions test the ability of students to use their math understanding and skills to solve problems they could encounter in the real world. Many of these problems are set in academic and career contexts and are likely to draw from science and social science. How to approach sentence correction […]

Sentence Correction

About Sentence Correction Questions Sentence correction questions consist of a sentence with part underlined, followed by 4 or 5 answer choices. Your task is to choose the BEST version from the choices given. Sentence correction questions test your knowledge of standard written English. How to approach sentence correction questions It would be very easy if […]