Bio Energetics


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Definition of Bio Energetics

Bio Energetics is defined as the study of energy relationships and energy transformations in living organisms.

Energy is defined as capacity to do work, it exists in numbers of different forms such as light, heat, electricity, magnetic field, mechanics and sound etc. The law which applies to conversion of energy are laws of Thermodynamics.

Bio Energetics is broad discipline of Biochemistry from  Biology  which is associated with study the behavior of energy required in making and resulted out after breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules. found in biological organisms. All living organisms have ability to harness energy as a resultant of several metabolic ways as life is strictly dependent upon transformation of energy and survival of living organisms depends upon exchange of energy between tissues/cells and environment. Consider plants and animals, for example. Plants use energy in such a manner that causes them to release oxygen as a waste product, while animals (including humans) require oxygen as a component to survive.

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