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About Absolute Scale Of Temperature

Absolute Scale Of Temperature defines the representation in which temperature is measured. There are different scales for the measurement of temperature such as Celsius ºC and Fahrenheit ºC. Similarly another scale known as absolute scale or Kelvin scale is determined on the basis of Charle’s law.
On the basis of Charle’s law we known that the volume of the gas changes to 1/273 times of its original volume for each 1 ºC change of temperature. It suggests that the volume of a gas would theoretically be zero at -273ºC. But this temperature has never been achieved for any gas because all the gases condense to liquid at a temperature above this point. So the minimum possible temperature for a gaseous system is to be -273ºC. This temperature is referred as absolute zero or zero degree of the absolute scale or Kelvin scale.
To form an absolute scale thermometer if the equally spaced divisions of centigrade thermometer are extended below zero and when the point -273ºC is maked then this point is called as absolute zero and the scale is called as absolute scale. It shows that for the conversion of centigrade scale into Kelvin scale 273 is added to the degrees on the centigrade scale.
K = 273 + ºC

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