SZABIST Practice Test for MS Social Sciences

University of Sindh Admissions 2016 3


1. The term 'feminist standpoint' suggests:
2. Sociology can be considered a social science because:
3. The four ideal types of social action that Weber identified were as follows: instrumentally-rational, value-rational, traditional, and...
4. In contemporary societies, social institutions are:
5. Which of the following is not recognized as a level of society?
6. Dahrendorf, Rex, and Habermas focused their attention on:
7. Social norms are:

8. Post-modernist writers have argued that:
9. The pragmatist philosophy used in Symbolic Interactionist theory teaches that:
10. In idealized views of science, the experimental method is said to involve:
11. Durkheim defined social facts as:
12. What does Berger (1963) describe as a metaphor for social reality?
13. Society cannot be studied in the same way as the natural world because:
14. Comte's term 'positivism' refers to:
15. What is the name of the process by which we acquire a sense of identity and become members of society?
16. When sociologists study the structure of layers in society and people\\\'s movement between them, they call this:
17. Sociology differs from common sense in that:
18. In Marx's theory, the 'mode of production' means:
19. Structural-Functionalists describe society as:
20. Weber said that all knowledge is \'value-relevant\' because:

SZABIST Sample Test for BBA

University of Sindh Admissions 2016 3


Choose the word or phrase that is nearest in meaning (synonym) to the word in capital letters. You will be given 10 such questions.


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BE Mechatronics Karachi 140 CH 4 years
BA(Business Studies) University of Wales, Newport, UK External program Karachi 3 years
LLB University of London International Programmes Karachi 3 years


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MS Computing Karachi/Islamabad/Dubai 144 CH 4 years
MS Media Sciences Karachi
MS Management/Marketing/Finance/HRM/IT 2 years
MS Social Sciences & Economics Karachi/Islamabad 30 CH 2 year
MS Developmental Studies Islamabad 30 CH 1.5 year
MPM Project Management Islamabad/Karachi 33 CH 1.5 year
Masters Television Production/Advertising Karachi
MBA Management/Marketing/ finance/HRM/IT Karachi/Islamabad/Larkana/Dubai 2 years
EMBA Karachi/Islamabad/Larkana/Dubai 66 CH 2 years
PMBA Islamabad
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