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Multiplying larger numbers quickly

One of the common problem in doing mental multiplication is many students forget that multiplying larger numbers quickly requires breaking those larger numbers into more practical pieces. For example, if we see 17 x 6 you might think that 17 is a huge number and difficult to multiply. To simplify the problem, you can break […]

Solving Algebraic Equations

To keep the students, stay on the right track with their exam preparation, here we have listed some of the key tips for solving algebraic equations more quickly without facing any error. While solving algebraic equations, treat both equations equally. What you do on one side, you must do on the other side of equations […]

Greater than vs Less than

Greater than vs Less than makes us confused several times while operating the equations because of common looking signs. Here we have listed two ways that will make you remember them throughout your life. It’s a very common example that we have learned in our childhood that an alligator always eats the bigger number. It […]